OnePPM April 30, 2018 - May 24, 2018 Release Notes

Updated Sep 06, 2018

OnePPM Report Pack Updates

Project Status Report

  • Project Status Report - Updated filters to work with Project Online Status Report PDP Page.  Added Project ID & Project Name filters.  Project Name selector is no longer a slicer on the page - it's a report level filter so that the report filters correctly in Project Online on the PDP page.
  • Financials tab - fix table to include Cost Type as Row, removed Project Name

Resource Status Report

  • Resource Status Report - Added a date slicer filter to the report pages.  By default, the 'AssignmentTP' query is set to: TimebyDay is in the current month or the next 11 months.  
  • Arranged visuals to line up better.
  • Resource Status Report - Added Date Dimension query for cross-filtering time-phased data

Project Portfolio Status Report

  • Project Portfolio Status Report - Removed reference to ConnecttoVSTS in Tasks table query
  • Project Portfolio Status Report - Added measure to Projects table.  Gives "0" value instead of "(blank)" on card visuals 
    • Title Count Projects = Count('Projects'[Project Name]) + 0
    • Task Count= Count('Tasks'[TaskId]) + 0
  • Project Portfolio Status Report - Health Formula fields - updated for if value is blank, show as green

All Reports

  • All Reports - Added Last Data Refresh time stamp to the first page/tab of each report.  Note that this time is UTC if viewed via Power BI online.  When viewing the report, click the refresh button in PowerBI to update to the latest Dataset refresh time.

OnePPM Template Updates

New Project Task and Project Assignment Views

New custom Project Task and Project Assignment views have been added to provide Project Managers with views to expose project task and assignment information in a more useful and informative format. These views were developed to assist Project Managers with the management of their projects using the Project Web App scheduling interface, further limiting the need for the Project Professional desktop client.

New views include:

  • OnePPM  Tasks Summary
  • OnePPM  Tasks Constraint
  • OnePPM  Tasks Baseline Variance
  • OnePPM  Tasks Total Slack Analysis
  • OnePPM  Assignments Percent Allocation

New Custom Field – ‘Task Constraint Indicator’

This task-type custom field has been developed to provide a visual indicator for the ‘OnePPM  Tasks Constraint’ project task view, to identify tasks which have a constraint such as 'Must Finish On' applied to them.

Updated Custom Field – ‘Schedule Health’

A formula has been added, complete with visual indicators, to provide an indication of the schedule health based on schedule variance from a baseline.

Calculations are as follows:

  • Complete = Project is 100% complete
  • No Baseline = Project has not been baselined
  • Green = Project Finish Variance is less than or equal to 0
  • Yellow = Project Finish Variance is less than or equal to 10%
  • Red = Project Finish Variance is greater than 10%

Formula is as follows:

IIf([Baseline Finish] = ProjDateValue("NA"), "No Baseline", Switch([% Complete] = 100, "Complete", [Finish Variance] <= 0, "Green", [Finish Variance] <= (ProjDateDiff([Start], [Finish]) * 0.1), "Yellow", [Finish Variance] > (ProjDateDiff([Start], [Finish]) * 0.1), "Red"))

Indicators are as follows:

Updated Custom Field – ‘Task Status’

The formula for the ‘Task Status’ field has been updated to account for situations when the project has not been baselined.

Calculations are as follows:

  • No Baseline = Project has not been baselined
  • On Schedule = Task Finish Date is less than or equal to Baselined Finish Date
  • Overdue = Task Finish Date is greater than Baselined Finish Date

Formula is as follows:

IIf([% Complete] = 100, "Complete", IIf([Baseline Finish] = ProjDateValue("NA"), "No Baseline", IIf([Baseline Finish] - [Finish] >= 0, "On Schedule", "Overdue")))

Indicators are as follows:

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