OnePPM July 23, 2018 - August 16, 2018 Release Notes

Updated Sep 06, 2018

OnePPM Template Updates

Each Project Workspace (sub-site) had a Top Link Bar navigation link pointing to the home page for the sub-site.  When a new Project Workspace was created from the site template, the URL for this link was updating correctly to reflect the new workspace URL, however the name of the link was not changing.

This Top Link Bar navigation link was deemed to be redundant and was removed entirely.  Users are able to navigate to the Project Workspace home page using the existing ‘Project Home’ Quick Launch selection.

Project Center view ‘Program Summary’ Removed

The ‘Program Summary’ view provides a filter to show only projects with an Enterprise Project Type of Program.  This is a legacy view from the KwikPMO functionality to create Program and Portfolio objects and automatically update the associated Enterprise Custom Field Lookup Tables.  Should this legacy functionality be reintroduced to OnePPM, this Program Summary and Portfolio Summary view will be reintroduced to the base solution.

OnePPM Report Pack Updates

There are no report pack updates for this release.

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