OnePPM August 20, 2018 - September 13, 2018 Release Notes

Updated Sep 13, 2018

OnePPM Report Pack Updates

Project Portfolio Status & Project Status Reports

The following changes were made in both reports, as both reports reference the several "Health" fields in the Project Center.

  • Project Status - Updated the "Health" field formulas to account for cases where there might be a blank value.  For the following Health fields, if the value in Project Online is blank, the report will show Green/On Track.
    • Cost Health
    • Issue Health
    • Overall Health
    • Resource Health
    • Work Health

New formula format: = IF('Projects'[Cost Health]="Green", "(1) On Track",IF('Projects'[Cost Health]="Yellow", "(2) At Risk",IF('Projects'[Cost Health]="Red", "(3) Off Track","(1) On Track")))

Updated the Schedule Health field formula to account for cases where there might be a blank value.  It will show as a blank field in the report as well.

New formula format: Schedule Health Formula = IF('Projects'[Schedule Health]="Green", "(1) On Track",IF('Projects'[Schedule Health]="Yellow", "(2) At Risk",IF('Projects'[Schedule Health]="Red", "(3) Off Track",IF('Projects'[Schedule Health]="No Baseline", "No Baseline", IF('Projects'[Schedule Health]="Complete", "Complete","(4) Blank")))))

OnePPM Template Updates

There are no product changes or template updates for this release.

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