Teams Setup

Before you can begin to utilize this connector, you'll have to use either method for allowing a connection to be made. Our teams connector can be configured in one of two ways:

  • Using our App registration.
  • Creating your own App registration.

Using our App registration

Our preferred method, and the easiest. All that is required is for a Tenant Admin to approve our OneConnect for Teams application.

You can use the following link to approve our application:

Once approved by a Tenant Admin, you can enter the Client Id into the connection properties the connector, shown below. You can may ignore Client Secret, as that's only used if you're providing your own App registration. 

Using your own App registration

You can follow the instructions outlined in this article, Register an application with the Microsoft Identity Platform

Once you have created your App registration:

  • The following API Permissions are required, shown below.
    • After all permissions have been set, be sure to use the Grant admin consent button on the page.
  • Create a new Secret, via Certificates & secrets for the Application.
    • Using + New Client Secret

Now you should have your own Client Id (App Id) and Client Secret (Application password) that you can use when setting up the Teams connector.