OneConnectOneConnectOneConnect Release Notes OneConnect Release NotesOneConnect January 7th - January 31st, 2019 Release Notes

OneConnect January 7th - January 31st, 2019 Release Notes


Key Enhancements:

This release of OneConnect is packed series of bug fixes and new enhancements to existing integration.  There was a enhancement that help with performance when a user is performing a sync.  The sync time has been reduced by half.

Enhancements / New Integrations
Key Enhancements Description
3030 TranslateLookups enhancement (Performance)
2870 User is able to schedule all projects in "Assay Projects" in Dynamics to OnePlan as Plans
2871 User is able to synchronize "Hamilton Operators" and "Hamilton Equipments" to OnePlan Resources
2872 User is able to schedule assays in "Assay Request" to OnePlan "Tasks" and get the machines and resources assigned
2939 Allow field names from SharePoint lists starting with an '_' (underscore)
2794 User is able to specify what Dynamics 365 entities to be synchronize to OnePlan plans in OneConnect configuration page
2743 Create list lookup field by default in OnePlan (Integration: SharePoint Lists to OnePlan Plans)
Total Number of Enhancements: 7

Known Issues and Problems

Key Known Issues/Problems Description
2968 update mappings function is not supporting paging and causign duplicate entries in Project
2972 Error after logging into OneConnect
2992 Inconsistently updating "Work" and "Remaining Work" when tasks are being synchronized multiple time on the button click
2822 When synching a PJO Project to VSTS Team Project we should be using the default process template
2853 Task and Bugs coming from VSTS into Project Online as milestones and with incorrect sprint dates
2920 OnePlantoPJO strategy has logging that should not be there
3012 Check if there is a column already added in the data table
Total Number of resolved Known Issues/Problems: 7