OneConnectOneConnectOneConnect Release Notes OneConnect Release NotesOneConnect March 1st - March 28th, 2019 Release Notes

OneConnect March 1st - March 28th, 2019 Release Notes


Key Enhancements:

March 28th release contains quite a few enhancements which applies to the following integration, PjO to VSTS, PjO to ServiceNow, and PjO to JIRA.  The other enhancements are for the admin page admin users have more power to configure each integration.  The new features include the ability to view Date/Time of tenants based on their time zone, ability to assign a owner to a specific integration and others.  One bug was pushed to prod to address first user's receives an error when logging into the integration for the first time.

Enhancements / New Integrations
Key Enhancements Description
3107 Integrators should have an Owner property to indicate the Developer responsible for Support/Changes
3110 Integrations page for Admins should sort on Tenant name and then by Integration name
3111 Should be able to view both Event and Schedule-based transactions for an Integration
3109 Integration Schedule logs should properly show DateTimes based on the tenants TimeZone
3120 Transaction modal dialog look and feel updates
3128 Able to mapped Item ID fields from VSTS to Project Online Task level
3132 Able to mapped Parent Item ID field from VSTS to Project Online Task level
3116 Able to synchronize task from Project Online to the ServiceNow table
Total Number of Enhancements: 8

Known Issues and Problems

Key Known Issues/Problems Description
3108 New/first time Users logging in receive an error
Total Number of resolved Known Issues/Problems: 1