OneConnectOneConnectOneConnect Release Notes OneConnect Release NotesOneConnect April 1st - April 25th, 2019 Release Notes

OneConnect April 1st - April 25th, 2019 Release Notes


Key Enhancements:

April 25th release contains quite a few enhancements which applies to the following integration, PjO to OnePlan and PjO to OneAnalytics.  There is also a new integration Azure AD Sync which allows the user to sync resources from Azure Active Directory over to Project Online.  There was a total of 7 defect tickets that were fixed and pushed to production.

Enhancements / New Integrations
Key Enhancements Description
3163 Able to retrieve Resource Engagements from PJO for import
3165 Able to create resource plan from an imported data to OnePlan
3210 Admin Integration: Increasing number of jobs per node to alleviate jobs backed up at the top of the hour.
3223 OneAnalytics OneConnect: OneAnalytics to support Project Sites under multiple site collections
3215 Integration: User will have the ability to sync Resources from Azure AD over to PJO.
3276 Able to import engagements for generic resources into OnePlan
3212 Make the timesheet manager field able to be mapped
3105 Able to delete assignments in PJO Tasks
3282 Able to map a user field from any system to a custom resource level field in OnePlan
3280 Able to retrieve cost category totals from a cost type
3224 Remove import time button from installing
Total Number of Enhancements: 11

Known Issues and Problems

Key Known Issues/Problems
Unable to synchronize duration field from Project Online to a duration field in ServiceNow (Nothing happen)
2919 OnePlantoPJO schedule is running a full synch each time it runs
3216 Azure AD: Azure AD appears to be syncing and then creating multiple user post sync.
3275 With multiple engagements for a single resource in PJO the integration fails to write into OnePlan
3112 During installation the integration is checking for Financial Plan custom fields
2919 OnePlantoPJO schedule is running a full synch each time it runs
3148 if no fields are mapped in the tasks table then the OnePlan to PJO strategy fails
Total Number of resolved Known Issues/Problems: 7