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OneImport Excel Bulk Loader Instructions


The OneImport tool only works in Chrome.  The tool does not work in other browsers.  (Make sure you see the “Choose Files” button).

Webpart Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip,
  2. Copy OneImport.js file into Site Assets library of the PWA instance you’re importing into.
  3. Create a Web Part page, in any library, doesn’t matter where as long as it’s in the same PWA instance (In name the page OneImport).
  4. After the web part page has been created:
    1. Place a Content Editor webpart onto the page
      1. Edit the web part and set the Content Link to the URL of the OneImport.js file under Site Assets library.


  • The Project Owner field needs to have a user’s Display Name as seen in Manage Users (e.g. Miller; Jason) or email address.
    • When importing user names from SharePoint you’ll need to find an replace all commas with semicolons
  • Multi-select Lookup Tables need to have values separated with ;# (e.g. Run the Business - Infrastructure Project;#Enhancement to Existing system [1])
  • Lookup Tables need to have the values in the spreadsheet present in PoL (it doesn’t auto populate them yet)
  • Attached some example Excel files you can use as reference.
  • Do not use these special characters in the title
    • #
    • .
    • &

How to Bulk Load Projects

  1. Set up a spread sheet with the ECFs you need to bring in.  Before importing, you’ll need to make sure there are no issues with the data. Prep & save the spreadsheet.  
  2. Select “Choose File” in the OneImport list.  Select the spreadsheet and click on “Next.
  3. Then select “Projects” and click “Next.
  4. Click “Initialize’ and then click on “Next” when initialization is complete.
  5. Make sure the Internal Field Mapping looks correct and then Click on “Next.
  6. Make sure Custom Field Mapping looks correct and click on “Next”. If the column names in your spreadsheet match up with the OOB and ECF columns, you will not have to make too many changes to the mappings.
  7. Click “Start” to start the Evaluation stage.  OneImport will check for missing resources, lookup values, and special characters that cannot be used.
  8. If there are no issues with the data click next to begin the bulk project load.