How do I manage fields?

Updated Jan 31, 2020

This article explains how to create and edit fields.  Fields may be plan-level, work-level, and resource-level metadata fields.

Go to the Admin pages, select Fields in the navigation.  Then, expand the Plan Fields, Work Fields, or Resource Fields topic headings.

  • Plan fields show on the  Plan Details page and Portfolios page.
  • Work fields show on the work plan pages - the grid, scheduler, and board.  They also show on the My Work & Timesheet modules.
  • Resource fields show on the resource form, and are used in the resource planner & scheduler as well.

Some fields may be created automatically upon installing certain apps.  For example, when the Timesheets app, Backlog List app, etc.

Create New Field

  1. Navigate to the type of field you want to create (Plan, Work, or Resource).
  2. Click the New Field button.
  3. Complete the New Field form.  

Field Types

  • Text - Free form text
  • Date
  • Number
  • Currency
  • YesNo - Yes or No / Check box
  • Choice - Enter choices
  • User - People picker field, tied to user accounts
  • Multi lines of text
  • Lookup
  • Multi Lookup

For additional details about the Lookup fields types, refer to the article: How do I manage lookup & multi-lookup fields?

Field Aggregate

Based on the field type selected, the Field Aggregate may show.

  • For date fields, select No, Min, or Max.
  • For number & currency fields, select None, Sum, Average, Min or Max.


You may manually enter each choice field, or bulk upload the choices.

Default Value: Set the default value, if applicable.

Required: Select the check box if this field is required.

Read Only: Select the check box to make this field read only.  Use cases for this - applicable if this field will be used as a total cost field to be populated by the total of a cost type.  Or, if the data is populated via an integration rather than manual entry.

Allow Adding Values: Select the check box if your field is a choice field and you want to allow users to add their own values, other than the available choices.

Number Fields

If the field type is Number, you may specify the number of decimal places allowed (between 0-5) and whether to show the number as a percent.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

Available Plan Types

Select one or more plan types for this field to be available.  If no plan type is selected, it will be available for all plan types.  

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

Update Field

Certain fields are recommended to configure before use of OnePlan.  The Resource fields Department and Role and very important for all the resource planning and labor cost planning features.

  1. Navigate to the type of field you want to update (Plan, Work, or Resource).
  2. Click the Edit icon.
  3. Complete the New Field form.  

Note: The field type cannot be edited after a field is created.

Delete Field

Caution: If you delete a field, any data entered in that field will also be deleted.  So, be sure you are certain you want to delete it before you delete a field.

Click the Delete trash can icon to delete a field.  Confirm deletion.

Arrange Field Order

To arrange the order of the Task or Resource fields on the corresponding form, select the field row & drag up or down.  The thin green line will show where the field will go.  Plan fields order are managed via the Plan Details settings. 

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