How I manage field calculations?

Updated Jun 12, 2019

This article explains how to create and manage field calculations in OnePlan.  These settings are available when the Advanced Settings are enabled.  

Go to the Admin pages, select Calculations in the navigation.

You need to create a calculation for each scenario or value of a field that is part of that rule.  For example, for a field to be set to true or false, create two calculations - one for when value should be set to True, and create one for when value should be set to False.

Many calculations have already been configured in OnePlan.  Here are some examples Task calculations.  When the % complete field value is set to 100% or the Complete flag is set to true/checked, the Status field is updated to Completed.  Likewise, the reversed logic is also set as a calculation - When the Status field value is set to Completed, the % Complete field is updated to 100%.

Add Calculation

Click the Add drop down menu to add a new calculation.

Select Format

  • Task Field - For task-level fields.
  • Plan Field - For plan-level fields.

Select the field to calculate.  Either the task or plan fields will be available for selection.  Click Add.

Calculation Settings

  1. Select the field.  The calculation setting opens on the right.  
  2. Calculation: Enter the value to set the field
  3. Always Calculate: Select this check box to always calculate
  4. Calculate When: Add one or more rules/logic for the calculation

Calculation Example

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