How do I get around in OnePlan?

Updated Aug 29, 2019

This article explains the main navigation icons and menus in OnePlan.

The main navigation icons are along the left side of the screen.  You may see some or all of these icons based on which apps or features have been added to your OnePlan group/environment.

  • My Work - This is where team members see what work items they have assigned and make updates to status, etc.
  • Timesheets - This is where team members track time on work.
  • Portfolios - This is a view of all plans. Within the Portfolios page, analysis & prioritization may be done across the plans.  The hierarchy of plans (such as portfolios to programs to projects or strategic themes to programs to epics) is visible here.
  • Resource Plan - This is where resource managers see the allocation of their resources to all plans.  The resource managers can analyze and adjust their team's commitments as needed.
  • Scheduler - This is where resource managers see the work assignments of their resources to all plans.  The resource managers can analyze and adjust their team's work as needed.
  • Plans - This is where plans are created & managed, including the plan details, financial plan, resource plan, task or backlog schedule, and more.
  • Resource Center - This is the page that shows all the named & generic resources in your OnePlan group.

Click an icon to open that page.  The Plans icon opens a panel showing all your plans (plans you manage and plans that have been shared with you).

Click the pin icon to lock the plans panel in place or hide it.

Header Menu

Note that if you are using OnePlan embedded into another platform tool (such as Teams, SharePoint, or PowerApps), you will not see the header menu bar.

  • Office365 Menu - Click this to open other Office365 apps.  Since you log into OnePlan with your Office365 account, you will be navigated to your home page for Office365.
  • OnePlan Home
  • Groups - This is typically the name of your organization.  If you have access to multiple groups within your tenant, you may use this menu to go to a different group
  • Settings Gear - Those who have 'Owner' level permissions can access the admin back end settings.
  • Help Button (?) - This drop down menu includes a link to the OnePlan documentation/guides site, the getting started welcome video, and a channel to provide feedback back to the OnePlan team.
  • User Menu - Click your username/picture to sign out, if needed

Provide Feedback

Select the Help button, then Provide Feedback.  Complete the feedback form and submit to the OnePlan team.  This is a great way to tell us what you love about OnePlan.  You can also use this to inform us of your great feature request ideas, and any bugs/issues you may have found.

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