Create a new Plan

Updated Aug 28, 2019

This article explains how to create a new plan.  A "plan" is a general term that may be used for something to be managed and/or analyzed.  Such as projects, epics, portfolios, programs, initiatives, etc.  OnePlan users who are in the permissions groups Contributor, Manager, or Owner can create new plans.

Portfolios Page

Create a new plan from the Portfolios page.  Click the New Plan menu, then select the desired plan type.  You may see multiple plan types or just "New Plan," depending how your trial site was set up.

Example Plan Types

Plan Name

First, enter the new plan name, such as Office365 Launch.  Click Add Plan.  Then, you will be directed to the Plan Details page.

Plan Details

Complete the plan's details.  Your form may have different fields & different stages, based on your organization's use case & configuration.  The page is editable and you may always return to the Details page throughout the life of the plan.  When you make a change, it is saved automatically.

Enter Prioritization Fields

For the purpose of later doing prioritization & portfolio analysis, be sure to complete the prioritization fields for your plan.  There are traditional prioritization and also SAF agile prioritization type fields.

Move Plan to the Next Stage

When ready to move your plan to the next stage,

  1. Click on the stage name to visually see the current stage.  The tab color changes to green on the current stage.  Future stages are grey.  Previous stages are blue.  
  2. You would also want to change the stage field to the appropriate stage.

The fields & apps available may be different at each stage of planning.

Time to Plan!

Build out your plan according to your planning preference.  This trial guide will walk you through the following top down planning features:

  • Build a Resource Plan
  • Build a Financial Plan
  • Do portfolio analysis