Build your Resource Plan

Updated Aug 28, 2019

This article explains how to build out your Resource Plan.  A Resource Plan is for high level allocation of resources to your plan.  How much of someone's time and for how long?  This is not yet detailed task planning.  For example, rather than build out a detailed schedule of tasks for John, you would instead commit John 50% of his time for the next four months.  

Later, after the Resource Plan is built, you will import the Labor costs into your Financial Plan, based on the resource plan.  Also, for portfolio analysis, you will be able to assess which plans to move forward and when based on the resource needs across all plans compared to the overall availability of your resources.

Open the Resource Plan

From Portfolios Page

From the Portfolios page, select the contextual menu for your plan.  Select Resource Plan.

From Plans Page

If already on your plan page, select the Resource Plan tab.

Add Generic Resource

Type in the name of a generic resource name (i.e. a role, such as Business Analyst) in the Add Resource box.  Select the name.

Planning Units Mode

Select the planning unit modes, either Hours, %, or FTE.  When viewing or building your resource plan, use this icon to toggle between different units modes.  The system calculates between hours to FTE, which stands for Full Time Equivalent, in other words 1 full time person, and FTE %, or the percentage of a full time person.

Change Timescale

Change the Date Range of your view as needed.  Select one of the preset date ranges such as Last Year, This Year, Next Year, or Next 5 Years.

Or, set a custom range, zoom to Months, Quarters, or Years, then select the time frame desired.  Then, click the Apply button.

Enter Allocation

Enter the desired usage of the resource.  For example, with the planning units mode is set to %, enter 50 for the next four months.  Toggle to Hours mode to see the number of hours needed.

Replace Generic with Named Resource

At this point you may know a specific person to be on the resource plan or it may be left as generic.  Follow these steps to replace the generic with a named resource.

Open Resource Pane

Open the Resource Pane & search for the role Business Analyst to find a named user with that role who can be allocated to the plan.

Replace Resource

  1. Select the desired replacement resource, whether a named resource or generic, in the lower resource pane.  
  2. Select the resource to be replaced in the upper resource plan pane.
  3. Click Replace Resource.

Build out Resource Plan

Repeat the previous steps to further build out your resource plan.  Add a named resource directly, such as Steve McGarrett.  Add another generic resource, such as Developer.