Build your Financial Plan Budget

Updated Aug 28, 2019

This article explains how to build out your financial plan.  The Financial Plan is for time-phased cost planning.  This article will show you how to manually key in the costs, but keep in mind that costs may be automatically synced from your financial system through integration.

The cost categories and cost types are configurable to match the specific cost structure of the organization.  

Open Financial Plan

From Portfolios Page

From the Portfolios page, select the contextual menu for your plan.  Select Financials.

From Plans Page

If already on your plan page, select the Financials tab.  You will begin in the Budget cost type.  As the project progresses, you will be able to enter the Forecast & Actual costs as well.

Import Labor Costs

Since your Resource Plan has your labor needs, you can import that as labor costs.  The cost rates are configured in the settings.  Hours x Rate = Labor Cost.

Click the Import icon.  

Enter Additional Budget Costs

Change your dates to enter costs at the month, quarter, or annual timeframe.

For each cost category, enter costs as desired.  For example, travel and expenses, software, etc.

Select Expense Types

Your trial environment may have expense types available, such as CapEx & OpEx, to be able to separate and report on the financials for accounting purposes.  Select the expense types for your cost categories.

Now that the Financial Plan is built, you will do portfolio analysis in the Portfolios page.