Build a Task Schedule via the Grid

Updated Nov 14, 2019

This article explains how to manually build your plan's schedule of tasks.  You will navigate to the Grid page.  Refer to the next article for the steps how to publish a MS Project schedule of tasks.

From the Portfolios page, open the plan contextual menu and select Work Plan > Grid.

Add New Tasks

You may add new tasks via the Add Task icon from the menu bar or via the quick entry at the bottom of the screen & hitting the Enter key.

The newly created task appears at the end of the plan (after the last task).  Edit the task in-line or open the Task Information window to edit the details, such as duration, start & due dates, effort, assigned resources, etc.  Move the task and add dependencies as needed.

Via Menu Bar

Via Quick Entry

View & Edit Tasks

You can view and update tasks from either the Scheduler or Grid planning pages.

Task Contextual Menu

Right-click the task.  The menu shows

  • Task Information
  • Delete task(s)
  • Convert to milestone
  • Split Task
  • Delete dependency
  • Insert Template
  • Replace Resources

Select Task Information

Edit Task

View the task details.  Update any fields on the Task Information window as needed.  

General Tab

Your fields may differ per your environment's configuration.

  • Name
  • Percent Complete
  • Duration
  • Start & Finish Dates
  • Effort

Predecessors Tab

Here you see any existing predecessor relationships, for which this task is the predecessor/dependent task.  To add a new link, click the Add new button.  To remove a relationship, click the Remove button.

Resources Tab

You will only be able to assign tasks  to resources who are on your plan team.  

Here you see the assigned resource(s).  You may change the resource assigned and you may update % units.  Click next to the resource name or the % units to activate the drop down menus.

Advanced Tab

View or edit the following fields as needed.  Your fields may differ per your environment's configuration.

  • Calendar - There is only one General calendar
  • Manually Scheduled: checkbox
  • Scheduling Mode
  • WBS Code
  • Constraint Type
  • Constraint Date
  • Status
  • Complete
  • Work Type
  • Iteration
  • Cost Rate
  • Bill Rate


Notes Tab

Add and edit notes on the task as needed.

You may also edit your plan tasks in line.  Add columns to the view as needed, and click in a column cell to edit.