Work Plan Grid Features

Updated Nov 14, 2019

This article explains the additional features in the Work Plan Grid when building and viewing your task schedules.  Open the Grid menu to see the available features.

Shared With (Plan Team)

Add a user to your plan by typing their name into the Add User space.  Once you type 3 or more letters, matching users will show for selection.  The project team shows with each user's Name, Email address & Access level.

Click in the Access column to change a team member's access level.  Select the desired level.

Access Levels:

  • No Access: Cannot see or access the plan at all.
  • My Work Only: Can see the work items (tasks & activities) assigned, and can update status for their work items.  Cannot see the overall plan.
  • Reader:  Can see the plan, but cannot edit any items.
  • Contributor: Can see the plan, and can edit items.
  • Owner: Can make any changes, add & edit items, change user access.

Insert Template

Select Insert Template.  Select the location & desired template to add to your plan.  The tasks will be added.


Show the Gantt chart on the screen.  You may also choose to show the baseline and/or the critical path.

Show Activities

  1. Select a task.  
  2. On the Grid Options menu, select Show Activities.  
  3. The Activities pane opens on the bottom half of the screen.
  4. Add a new activity by typing into the New Activity space, then hit the Enter key.

Edit: Update the title of the activity by double clicking the tile.  Note: You may also edit the title via the options gear menu.

Assign To: Select a resource from the project team to assign to this activity.  There is an Assigned To resource bubble on the bottom of the tile.  Assign/reassign the activity by clicking this bubble.  You may also assign a resource via the options gear menu.

Status: Update the status of the item by dragging & dropping to another column.  You may also update status via the options gear menu.

Save Baseline

You may save a baseline of your plan schedule, which will update the baseline fields.  You may save the baseline for all tasks or the selected task(s).