Work Plan Scheduler

Updated Nov 14, 2019

This article explains how to use the features of the Work Plan Scheduler.  The information in this article is applicable whether you created your task schedule in the Grid page or published/synched your tasks/schedule from a connected tool, such as Microsoft Project or Project for the Web.

Open the Scheduler page for a specific plan.  This can be done via the navigation menus or from the contextual menu on the Portfolios page.  

All the resource work assignments from the plan show grouped by resource.  Expand a resource to see their work/tasks for this plan.

Adjust the following options to adjust the view as needed.

Utilization Method: Toggle between H (hours) & % of utilization, Zoom (Day to Year), Grouping, Date Range

Reassign Work

When work needs to be reassigned, you may use drag & drop to move a task booking from one resource to another.  

Show All Work

To see all resource assignments from other projects as well, select Show All Work.  The summary row colors are reflected of the resources having availability or not.  You can view the work from other plans, but you can only edit/move the items from your plan.