Work Plan Board

Updated Nov 14, 2019

This article explains how to use the features of the Work Plan Board.  The information in this article is applicable whether you created your tasks in the Grid page or published/synched a connected tool, such as Microsoft Project or Project for the Web.

Open the Work Plan Board

Navigate to the Work Plan Board page for your plan via the Work Plan drop down menu.  All the tasks/bookings show in the board columns (swim lanes) based on each item's status.

Drag & Drop to Update Booking Status

View & Add Comments

Click the comments bubble to view and add comments to that booking.

Comment Added

Update Bookings

Use the gear on each item to update the assigned resource or delete.  

View or Change Assigned Resource

If the booking is assigned, the bubble on the bottom will show the profile photo (or initials if generic or no photo) of the assigned resource. You can click the bubble to see who's assigned, or reassign to someone else.