Resource Manager - Review Resource Scheduler

Updated Sep 11, 2019

This article explains how to review & update resource allocation across all plans.  As a Resource Manager for a team or department of resources, you would want to verify your team isn't overbooked.  You may also want to commit specific named users to plans where generic role placeholders had been used.  The Resource Plan is for allocating resources to a plan from a high-level (top down planning).  This feature, the Resource Scheduler, is instead the detailed tasks or bookings to which resources get assigned.  

Navigate to Resource Scheduler via the main navigation.  This shows all resource bookings across all plans.  Based on the utilization mode Hours [(H) or %], you see the total per resource.  The colors show whether the resource is booked under, at, over their capacity.  

Expand Resources

Expand a resource to see all the work assigned. Hover over an item to see the details.

Reassign Bookings

Group, filter, and adjust view as needed.  For example, group by Business Unit or Role.  Expand a role, such as Business Analyst.  Then, expand the resources within the group to see to which plans the resources are allocated.  You can drag a plan to a different resource to commit someone else to that plan.

Booking Menu

Right-click on a booking to see the menu of available options.


Any bookings that have been approved or rejected will show a small check or x.