How do I manage timesheet approvals workflows?

Updated Oct 03, 2019

This article explains how to configure the timesheet approvals for OnePlan.  This requires the app 'Time Plan' is installed. 

Go to the Admin pages, select Time Plan in the navigation.  Then, expand the Workflow topic heading.

Auto Approvals

Select the check box to have timesheet submittals auto-approved.  The system will NOT require managers to approve the time.  Time will be totalled at the plan and task level as soon as the user submits the timesheet row.  

Manage Workflows for Approval

To use approvals, be sure the Auto Approvals check box is unselected.

Click the [+] icon to add a workflow step.  Complete the workflow settings.

Approval Types

  • Plan Owner ("Project Manager"): Any users on the plan team with Owner permissions can approve.
  • Specific Users: You will be prompted for the name of the user(s) who approve time.
  • Plan Field: You will be prompted to select a plan-level user field (i.e. Project Manager, Executive Sponsor, etc.).  
  • Resource Field: You will be prompted to select a plan-level user field (i.e. Manager, Timesheet Manager, etc.).
  • Department Manager:

Other Workflow Step Settings

  • Require All Users: If there are multiple approvers, require that they each/all approve. If unchecked, only one user has to approve.  
  • Approve if Submitter is Approver
  • Step Approves Resource Time
  • Step Approves Plan Time

One of the following settings options may show based on Approval Type.

  • Resources: Enter names (if the approval type is Specific Users).
  • Plan Field: Select a plan-level user field (if the approval type is Plan Field).
  • Resource Field:  Select a resource-level user field (if the approval type is Resource Field).
  • Department Field: Select a field (if the approval type is Department Manager).

You may repeat these steps to add additional workflow steps to continue the approval process per business needs.  

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