How do I manage timesheet fields?

Updated Oct 03, 2019

This article explains how to create and manage timesheet-level fields for OnePlan.  This requires the app 'Time Plan' is installed. 

Go to the Admin pages, select Time Plan in the navigation.

Add Field

Click the + icon to add a new timesheet-level field.  Complete the Add Field form.

  • Field Name
  • Field Type: Select from options Text, Date, Number, Currency, YesNo, Choice, User
  • Choices: If choice field, enter choice options, separated by line breaks.
  • Location: Select Timesheet Row or Timesheet Entry.  See below for an example of each.  
  • Copy From: If applicable, select a task-level field to copy the value to the timesheet row.  The user can then make a change to the value in the timesheet.  
  • Required: Select the check box if users must enter a value for every timesheet entry
  • Billable Grouping: Select if this field will be used for the Total section at the top of the timesheet entry page, and for the utilization graph.  For more about the billable settings: How do I manage the timesheet billable settings?

You can edit a timesheet field, but the field type and location options are not editable once you've initially created the field.  

Timesheet Row Field

A Timesheet Row field shows on the left side, as a column.  The value is entered once per timesheet row.  If needed, an item can be added to a timesheet twice.  For example, if a user is tracking time on a task for the assigned number of hours as billable, but then goes over, they can add the same task a second time and the hours for the second row can be tracked as non-billable.

Timesheet Entry Field

A Timesheet Entry field shows the field value for each timesheet entry, so values could be different for each day/entry.

It is advisable to use a single field & type for billable/chargeable.  This article shows two examples - as a timesheet row field and timesheet entry field.  You should choose one method or the other so as not to be confusing or cause data discrepancies.  

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