How do I set up the OnePlan connector in Power Automate/Flow?

Updated Feb 18, 2021

This article explains how to set up Power Automate (formerly called Flow) to be used with OnePlan.  Follow the instructions to download the JSON file, and then upload into your account.  

This article doesn't include instructions how to create flows in Power Automate.  Refer to the documentation from Microsoft, etc. for how to create flows.  This article instructions how to upload OnePlan so it's available to be used in your flows.

Download JSON File

Download the attached JSON file & save locally to your machine.

Upload JSON File to Power Automate

Log in to Power Automate on Office365.

Microsoft Office Home - Google Chrome

On the navigation menu, expand the Data heading.  Select Custom Connectors.

Microsoft Power Automate | Microsoft Power Platform - Google Chrome

Open the New custom connector menu.  Select Import an OpenAPI file.

Manage your custom connectors | Power Automate - Google Chrome
  1. Connector Name: Name it OnePlan.
  2. Click the Import button.  Navigate to where you have the JSON file locally.
Manage your custom connectors | Power Automate - Google Chrome

Click the Continue button.

Manage your custom connectors | Power Automate - Google Chrome

Complete any additional connector settings, as needed.  When ready, click Create Connector.

The OnePlan connector will now be listed on the Custom Connectors page.  You can now use it when creating your flows in Power Automate.  

Available Uses

There are two triggers and five actions available with the OnePlan connector:

  1. Trigger: Step Change.  Fires when a process step is changed inside OnePlan.
  2. Trigger: Plan Update.  Fires when a plan is created or updated.
  3. Action: Step Update.  Used to move between steps of a process.
  4. Action: Approve.  Used to approve/reject a step in a process.
  5. Action: Update Plan.  Used to update plan level information.
  6. Action: Get Plan.  Used to get plan level information.
  7. Action: Get Fields.
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