How do I manage Work Types?

Updated Jan 24, 2020

This article explains how to add and manage work types.  By default, the main work type is Tasks.  Examples of other work types include Issues, Risks, Backlog, etc.  They are configurable to align to your business needs.  When looking at the Work Plan pages, views are saved for that specific work type.  The additional work type items show in Timesheets & My Work.  When 'Show All Work' is selected in the Work Plan Scheduler, the all work results align to whichever work type the user is viewing.  

Go to the Admin pages, select Work Plan in the navigation.

When the Backlog List App is added to your OnePlan group, a new work type called Backlog gets created automatically.  The fields and views are also added.

Add Types

Add one or more work types by clicking the Add button.

Enter the name of the Work Type. Click the Add button.


OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

Work Types Listed

Any Work Types added automatically or manually will show on the page.  

If needed, you may edit or delete a work type by clicking on the icons.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

A default view is created per Work Type.  If needed, navigate to the Grid page for a plan to configure the global views for the work types.

OnePlan - Google Chrome
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