How do I manage AD synchronization?

Updated May 27, 2021

This article explains how to set up and manage the synchronization between AD (Active Directory) & the OnePlan Resource Center.

Go to the Admin pages, select Users in the navigation, then expand the AD Synchronization topic heading.

*A valid Office 365 email address is required

Select AD Groups

Expand the AD Groups to Synch drop down see all AD groups.  Multi-select the desired groups to synch.

The synchronization is an Add-Only synch, meaning, if you remove groups from the selection, users will not be deleted from the Resource Center.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

Synchronize Now

Click the Synchronize Now button to synch on demand.  The following fields come over from AD to the Resource Center: Name, Email Address.

The Last Status will show.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome
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