How do I store Project schedules in Teams for my OnePlan group?

Updated Apr 24, 2020

This article explains how to set up your OnePlan group to store Microsoft Project Desktop files in a shared Teams Files document library.  

This feature requires BOTH the Project Professional and Microsoft Teams apps be installed and configured for your OnePlan group.

Why should we use this feature?

This feature allows the schedule files to be in a shared document library, in other words a central hub for your OnePlan group's schedule files.  The latest version is saved and accessed from the central library.  So, there is no longer the need to look for the latest version or need to use email to share Project schedule files between users.  This new feature also prevents people publishing over each other from local desktop copies of the schedule, which could be out-of date. 

Install Apps

If you haven't already installed the required OnePlan apps, do so first.  

How do I set up Project Desktop for OnePlan?

How do I manage OnePlan in Microsoft Teams? Configure the Microsoft Teams app and create a group-level team for your OnePlan group.

Open Files in SharePoint

Navigate to Teams.  Select your OnePlan group-level team.

  1. Open the Files library.
  2. Click Open in SharePoint.

Create "Plans" Document Library

  1. In SharePoint, add an app.
  2. Select Document Library as the type.
  3. Name the Document Library "Plans".
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