How do I set up Project Desktop for OnePlan?

Updated May 31, 2021

This article explains how to configure your OnePlan group for Microsoft Project Professional/Desktop.  When users publish their MS Project schedules to OnePlan, data is mapped between the two tools according the the Field Mappings.  This requires the Project Professional app be installed.

Go to the Admin pages, select Project Professional in the navigation.

Admin Settings

When the Project Professional app is installed in OnePlan, some fields may already be mapped.  You may add more mappings or delete mappings as needed.

Add Mapping

Click the [+] icon to add another field mapping.  Complete the mapping form.  When project schedules are published to OnePlan, they are mostly read-only.  Yet, team members can update the status of their work via the My Work page, and then the Project Manager can pull the updates back into their MS Project schedule.  

  • Microsoft Project Field: Select a field.
  • OnePlan Field: Select a task-level field.  If needed, you may add more task-level fields on the Fields settings (How do I manage fields?)
  • Direction: Select which direction the data maps - either MS Project to OnePlan, OnePlan to MS Project, or Both.

User Setup

Each project manager who will build and/or manage their project schedule in MS Project needs to install the OnePlan to Project Connector on their local machine.  Here are the instructions:  Install the Project Connector

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