How do I Edit a Task in the Plan Scheduler?

Updated Jun 14, 2018

You can view and update bookings for resources, either created by the Project Managers or yourself.  

View Bookings

Hover over a booking to view the main details

Double click a booking to open the booking

Drag Booking Dates

Drag the front or end of a booking to update the dates.  

A small green checkmark will show as long as the dates are available for moving.

Booking Contextual Menu

Right-click the desired booking.  The menu shows

  • Edit
  • Comments
  • Split
  • Delete

Edit Booking

View the booking information.  Update any fields on the Task Information window as needed.  

General Tab

Your fields may differ per your environment's configuration.

  • Name
  • Percent Complete
  • Duration
  • Start & Finish Dates
  • Effort

Predecessors Tab

Here you see any existing predecessor relationships, for which this task is the predecessor.  To add a new link, click the Add new button.  To remove a relationship, click the Remove button.  Typically, this level of detail is planned by the Project Manager.

Resources Tab

Here you see the assigned resource(s).  You may change the resource assigned and you may update % units.  Click next to the resource name or the % units to activate the drop down menus.

Advanced Tab

View or edit the following fields as needed.  Your fields may differ per your environment's configuration.

  • Calendar
  • Manually Scheduled: checkbox
  • Scheduling Mode
  • WBS Code
  • Constraint Type
  • Constraint Date
  • Status
  • Complete
  • Work Type
  • Iteration
  • Cost Rate
  • Bill Rate


Notes Tab

Add and edit notes on the task as needed.


Any comments already added will show.  Add a new comment and hit the Enter key to save.  Comments show with you made the comment and a date/time stamp.


  1. Move your mouse to where you want to split the booking.  
  2. Right-click the booking.  
  3. Select Split.
  4. Adjust the bookings as desired.

You may want to split the booking for a number of reasons:

  • If a task needs to be put on hold, and then restarted and continued at a later point in time.  
  • You may want to edit a portion of the task (i.e. assigned resource, % allocation, etc.).  For example, you may want the resource 50% allocated on the task for this week, but then 100% allocated for the next week.

When a booking is split, two sub-assignments are created in the plan.  In the plan, double click the original booking.  It will expand and show the two sub-assignments.


Select Delete and confirm deletion of task, as needed.

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