Grid Options - Show Activities

Updated Jun 13, 2018

Open the Activities pane to add multiple activities for a selected task.  Activities allow for smaller pieces of work to be tracked, that don't need to be a full task in the plan.  This allows agile planning of work within the overall plan/schedule.  

Show Activities

  1. Select a task.  
  2. On the Grid Options menu, select Show Activities.  
  3. The Activities pane opens on the bottom half of the screen.
  4. Add a new activity by typing into the New Activity space, then hit the Enter key.


Show All

To view all activities across all tasks, click the Show all button.  To revert back to the activities for a single task, select the desired task in the plan.  


On the activity tile, there is an options gear.  Click the options gear to edit and manage activities.

Edit: Update the title of the activity by double clicking the tile.  Note: You may also edit the title via the options gear menu.


Assign To

Assign To: Select a resource from the project team to assign to this activity.  There is an Assigned To resource bubble on the bottom of the tile.  Assign/reassign the activity by clicking this bubble.  You may also assign a resource via the options gear menu.


Status: Update the status of the item  by dragging & dropping to another column.  You may also update status via the options gear menu.


Delete:  Delete an activity via the options gear menu.

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