How do I Manage My Plan in the Plan Grid?

Updated Jun 13, 2018

Contextual Menu

Right-click a task to see the contextual menu.  

  • Task information: This opens a pop-up window with tabs for the various task details.  
  • Delete task(s):
  • Convert to milestone: This changes the task duration to 0 and updates IsMilestone to Yes.
  • Split task:
  • Delete dependency:
  • Insert Template:
  • Replace Resources

Editable Grid

Click a field to edit the value.

Assign Resources

Click in the Assigned Resources column.  The Resource selection menu will open.  Select a resource from your team.  You may also type in a new name of a resource.  After you do so, the project plan will be shared with them.  You may want to review and adjust their permissions after adding a new resource to your plan.

Move Tasks

Task Icons

  • Notes
  • Comments
  • Activities

Task Notes

Task Comments

Task Activities

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