How do I Modify & Save Views in the Plan Grid?

Updated Jun 13, 2018

Select the View menu drop down to change views, save views, and delete views.  Global views show in the first section.  Only administrators can save global views.  Personal views show in the second section, if you have any saved.

Modify View

Make changes to the view, such as adding columns, arranging columns, etc.  Whether or not the Timeline, Gantt, and Activities show is a saved with the view.

Add & Remove Columns

To add or remove a column from the view, select the drop down menu on any column.  Expand the Columns sub-heading.  The columns already in the view are listed as the top.  The remaining available fields are listed.  Select or deselect the columns to show or hide in the view.  Newly added columns show on the far right.  

Arrange Column Order

To arrange the columns, click on the column heading and drag the column to the desired location.  An upward & downward green arrow will point to where the column is dragged.  Let go of the mouse to drop the column in that spot.

Show Additional View Options

Open the view menu.  Selected the desired view elements to show, such as Gantt chart, Timeline, Activities,

Save View

Make any changes to the view, such as adding columns, arranging columns, etc.  

  1. On the View menu, select Save View.
  2. View Name: Initially, the current view name will show.  Update to a new name.  If updating a view rather than saving a new view, keep the name as-is.
  3. Personal View: Select the checkbox if this is a personal view.  It's checked by default.  Administrators may save a view as a global view for the group by deselecting the checkbox.

Delete View

Navigate to the view you want to delete.

  1. On the View menu, select Delete View.  Deleting a global view deletes it for everyone.  
  2. Confirm deletion.  
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