What Shows on the Plan Grid View Header?

Updated Jan 24, 2020

This article explains the icons & functionality of the Head in the Work Plan Grid page.  Depending on the Work Type selected, the icons may be different, as certain functionality applies only to certain Work Types.

Project Contextual Menu

Select the plan contextual menu.

Note: If your OnePlan group is integrated with another tool, you may additional menu options to synch and/or launch the other integrated tools.  

Planning Method Changing

Select the planning method or module.  The choices may be different depending on which apps have been configured for your OnePlan group/environment.  Under the Work Plan, you navigate to the Grid, Scheduler, or Board.  

Work Type

Select a work type.  You may have multiple work types, such as Task, Backlog, Issue, etc.; or just one, such as Task.  When you add or view items, only those under the selected work type will show.

OnePlan - Google Chrome

New Item

Click the blue New Task icon.  A new item is added to the plan at the end.  Move & update as needed.

Expand All & Collapse All

Outdent & Indent

Use the Outdent and Indent icons to build out the WBS (work breakdown structure).  Indenting makes an item the child item.

To link: Select two items using the CTRL key.  Click the Link icon.  The second item becomes the dependent item.

To unlink: Select the dependent task only.  Click the Unlink icon.  

If using the Link icon, the relationship is automatically Finish-to-Start relationship with 0 lag days.  If you want to specify different link type or lag time, select the dependent item and open the Item Information window & go to the Predecessors tab to make your changes.

Undo & Redo

Click the Undo & Redo icons as needed.


  1. Click the Updates icon.  
  2. Complete the Request Update form.  Click Send Update Request button when ready.
  • Tasks: Select either 'Selected Tasks' or 'Tasks Assigned to Me'.  You may want to select Tasks Assigned to Me to send yourself regular reminders to update your status.
  • Select Fields: Use the drop down menu to choose which fields you want updated by the recipient(s).
  • Schedule: Select either Send Now, Daily (specific days & time), or Monthly (specific day of the month).
  • Enter a Message: This message will be in the email body requesting updates.

View Menu

Select the View menu drop down to change views, save views, and delete views.  Global views show in the first section.  Only administrators can save global views.  Personal views show in the second section, if you have any saved.

Save View

Make any changes to the view, such as adding columns, arranging columns, etc.  

  1. On the View menu, select Save View.
  2. View Name: Initially, the current view name will show.  Update to a new name.  If updating a view rather than saving a new view, keep the name as-is.
  3. Personal View: Select the checkbox if this is a personal view.  It's checked by default.  Administrators may save a view as a global view for the group by deselecting the checkbox.

Delete View

Navigate to the view you want to delete.

  1. On the View menu, select Delete View.  Deleting a global view deletes it for everyone.  
  2. Confirm deletion.  


Select the Gantt icon to show the Gantt chart.  Select it again to toggle off the Gantt chart.

When the Gantt chart is toggled on, additional icons will show for Zoom In/Out & Scroll To.

Connected Systems

You may have additional systems integrated with OnePlan, such as Project Desktop, Project for the Web, Azure DevOps, etc.  If so, a Connected Systems icon will show on the header to connect this plan to its integrated counterpart in the other system.

OnePlan - Google Chrome
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