OnePlan oData Reporting Setup

Updated Jun 02, 2020

This article explains how to gather the necessary information for your OnePlan group's reporting OData feed and authentication key.

Get Key


From the Settings page, navigate to the Integrations page.  Click the + button to add a new key.  

  1. Enter Reporting for the name (or whatever you want for your records).
  2. Record and keep the generated key. As soon as you refresh or navigate away, the key turns to ***********.

Get Report URL OData Feed

  1. Navigate to
  2. Save YOUR URL (ex: - this is the OData feed.  You will be prompted for your URL in a later step.

Open PowerBI

The next steps are for beginning with a new report.  If you have an existing OnePlan report, such as the report pack provided by the OnePlan team, follow the steps in the article How to deploy reports:  How do I deploy OnePlan reports?

Go to GetData

Select the OData feed source.

Enter Report URL

Enter URL

Enter the URL you saved from the earlier step.

Select Basic Authentication

  • Username: key (i.e. "Reporting" or whatever you named your key)
  • Password: {Generated Code from step 1}
  • Select which level to apply (if prompted): select the full URL.  This will allow you to store the key for only that configuration in PowerBI.


Reporting Tables

The following tables are available in the OnePlan OData feed:

  • Assignments: Assignments associated to tasks
  • Capacity: Resource capacity
  • Costs: Financial Planner data
  • Plans: All plans
  • RateTable: Task rate table
  • Resources: All resources - generic & users
  • ResPlan: Resource Planner data
  • StatusReports: For trend reporting on plan-level data
  • Tasks: all work items associated to plans
  • Teams
  • Timesheets: Timephased timesheet data

Data will include all custom fields. Lookup fields with have both an ID and Value column you can use.

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